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Setup toolbox

This section describe the installation process for CHKware. The currently supported python version is Python 3.11.x. You need to have this version of python in your OS to continue.

Install CHKware toolset with Pip

If you have Python 3.11.x installed, then you already have pip installed by default. So, just run following command.

pip install -U chk

To upgrade to the next released version, run the same command.

  • You can always install directly from git

    # to install latest stable version
    pip install -U git+

    # to install a tagged version, fx: v0.4.0
    pip install -U git+
  • It is recommended to use a virtual environment when using via pip.

Install CHKware toolset with Pipx

The best way to setup any python app is manage it via pipx. Pipx is a standard PyPi python application manager. Pipx creates separate virtual environment for given installable package. So, your system have less side effect.

First, Install pipx. Then run

pipx install chk


If you have installed with pipx then use following to upgrade to latest released version.

pipx upgrade chk

Otherwise, if pip was used to install then same process given above should work for upgrade as well.

Alternatively, chkware tool can be build and use as a zipapp, following this instruction.