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CHKware | Low-code API quality testing, and automation toolbox

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API quality test, and automation management is not easy to develop, and maintain. It requires multitude of knowledge of programming libraries, business scenarios, infrastructure details, etc - unless you use CHKware.

CHKware (pronounced as /tʃek-wer/, i.e. check-ware) is a low-code API quality testing, and automation toolbox. It helps you write accurate, robust, and expressive feature tests for your API in less time than usual.

Read about the problems CHKware addresses. Find changelog.


With Python 3.11 and Pipx preinstalled, run following in your terminal to get CHKware installed.

pipx install chk

Jump to the setup guide for different ways to install CHKware.


Get started quickly here.

Ask anything​

Please use tag chkware-cli with the question on to ask or discuss anything. Follow the tag if you want to help others with your knowledge.


Read contribution guide and code of conduct to start contributions.

Licensed under MPL v2.0 | Follow @chkware on Twitter | chk project on PyPi